Gourvid specialises in importing and distributing wines from small producers across Brazil, Argentina and Chile. With a goal to become a key a link between unique South American wine producers and consumers in the UK and Europe. Gourvid approached us to manage the social media portion of their business strategy, with an aim to use these online platforms as a means to position themselves as a leading expert in South American wines, as well as a means to bridge the Atlantic, connecting with both key clients in Europe, and emerging producers in South America.


Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as our key vehicules for social media success, we began by working with the team at Gourvid to create a goal specific social media strategy, which would go on to be the foundations for our work.


We have used a range of educational and informative content, blended with creative, engaging strands to reach a wide, specifically targeted audience. We have bolstered this content by ensuring that regular live updates have been shared using a range of platforms from tasting events around the country to ensure that Gourvid is positioned as an active player within the UK wine market.


A key element of our work has been to showcase Gourvid’s wine offerings by working closely with their producers, creating targeted monthly campaigns to ensure a balanced representation of these wineries, as well as building online relationships with Gourvid’s existing and prospective UK clients.


In only 5 months of work, we saw promising quantitative results, including 1.2K new Instagram followers, over 400 Facebook new followers, and 750 Twitter new followers.


Furthermore, creating bespoke engagement lists has allowed us to build relationships with Gourvid’s customers, as well as key wine influencers and media, through regular and consistent engagement, which has resulted in an increase in key inbound leads from both buyers and customers in the UK.


Gourvid’s social media profiles have become a crucial extension of their customer service and account management capacities, allowing for 24/7 on-the-go operation. This strategy has become key to supporting the Account Managers, assisting them in the development and growth of their industry relationships, something which is at the core of Gourvid’s business model.

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