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Groupe Gauthier is an international wine group, comprising of its vineyard and winery at Château Gauthier along with its merchant arm, Gauthier Millesimes. The team at Groupe Gauthier came to us in early 2018 with a vision to use social media to promote their growing global brand. We immediately set to work with the Groupe Gauthier team to outline key goals, including growing an online following, providing informative, specialist information relevant to the local and international wine industry, and positioning Groupe Gauthier as a brand ambassador to the Blaye & Bourg wine regions in Bordeaux around the world.


We have worked closely with Groupe Gauthier's marketing team to implement our bespoke content, tailored specifically to ensure the preservation of the brand identity. This was done whilst simultaneously reaching a wide, yet targeted audience, assisting in the growth of the channels and global brand awareness, not only for Groupe Gauthier but also for their winemaking regions and partners.

Despite Groupe Gauthier's initial lack of social media footprint (with no Facebook or Twitter profiles and a very small Instagram account), we have been able to create a strong presence from scratch on all channels. This has been due to a consistent, high standard of content, executed in the form of themed monthly campaigns which has allowed Groupe Gauthier to competitively compete with its peers within the social media sphere.

Monitoring our progress is essential to the development of our work and as such we provided detailed monthly reports, drilling down on quantitative and qualitative statistics which helped us to shape our future work.


Within a relatively short period of time (6 months in this case), all Groupe Gauthier's accounts have seen consistent growth. By closely monitoring the account’s analytics, we have been able to track this growth beyond simply follower growth, but also consistent increases in reach, impressions and engagement.

With only a small advertising budget, we have seen an increase of over 2,7K followers on Instagram, 1,6K on Facebook and a bit more than 1K on Twitter since working with Groupe Gauthier. We have also created trustworthy and valuable relationships with influencers and wine personalities, as well as a strong spike in regular customer interaction.

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