• Camilla Gould

3 Innovative Wine Brands Thinking Outside The Box

Updated: Jul 3

There is no doubt that the social media sphere is becoming ever more saturated by the day, and add to that the dreaded Facebook and Instagram algorithms, and you may find that your brand is having a pretty hard time being seen by anyone other than you and your interns.

The wine industry is no exception to this struggle, and more and more, brands are being required to push their creative boundaries to reach new audiences. One benefit of this increasingly competitive market is that it forces a brand’s marketing and strategy departments to create ever more innovative and exciting campaigns. This can lead to a brand taking drastic steps to set themselves apart from the crowd, including adding new lines to their product ranges, and targeting audiences that were not considered to be relevant only a few years ago.

So, from ‘Frosé ’ to AR, take a look at three brands whose unorthodox approaches and dedication to keeping themselves relevant is paying off big time:

Mirabeau Wine’s Summer Frosé

Rose’s popularity has gone from strength to strength, particularly among millennial women. The pink drink taps into this discerning generation’s aesthetically obsessed eye as well as being seriously insta-friendly – a quick search for #Rosé on Instagram will return a cool 2.1 million results. It’s no surprise then, that fast thinking Rosé producers, Mirabeau Wine, decided to pounce on an opportunity to make the most of the trend wave they were riding.

Enter, Frosé. Stocked in Waitrose, whose Rosé sales continue to soar (according to the brand these are so far up a whopping 250% compared to this time last year) these popsicles - made with a mouth-watering blend of Mirabeau Classic and English strawberry essence – are a triumph made with social sharing in mind.

The Uncommon’s sparkling wine in a can

Say hello to the producers of the very first canned English wine. British start-up The Uncommon is the brain child of founders Henry Connell and Alex Thraves, whose vision for a unique and contemporary wine brand has resulted in unique and hugely marketable product.

This super slick brand, whose design should have every producer in the country looking to upgrade their own, has perfected modern branding with its stylised labelling. Foregoing any whiff of pretentiousness, The Uncommon have created a stunning lightly sparkling dry white produced in Surrey, available to buy in cans with the hope of helping to reduce the 1 billion litres of wine discarded each year in the UK alone.

19 Crimes’ future friendly bottles

19 Crimes, of Treasury Wine Estates, was developed with young men in mind. Appealing to an as of yet untapped demographic has not always been easy, and using fresh approaches is a must.

Go to any Social Media or Digital Marketing event, and the topic at the forefront of conversation will almost always be that of the use of VR and AR in campaigns. But how does one marry the traditional elements of wine and wine production, with the shiny, modern technology of the future?

19 Crimes’ entire brand exists around the story of their wines, all named after real British convicts, transported to Australia for their crimes. It is off the back of this rich and detailed brand identity that the introduction of an app to bring their labels to life was born. "Our insight clearly shows that millennials like brands with real and authentic stories and our AR innovation really brings the 19 Crimes story to life," Treasury Wine Estates managing director Tom King, explains.

This tongue in cheek approach to marketing brands to new audiences is exactly what all wine brands need to be looking to in order to engage with the Millennial audience, and choosing campaigns that are social media friendly is key.

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