How The Heck Do You Hashtag?

Updated: Jul 3

Confused about the actual importance of using hashtags in your Instagram posts? Then this is the blog for you. Hashtags can be extremely instrumental in helping grow the number of followers but also (and arguably more importantly) increase the engagement on your social media content. In a nutshell, a hashtag is a label which helps people find content on a specific topic. Since 2007, hashtags have been significantly important for news and media and have even created social movements. Here are some simple tips and tricks to make sure your hashtags are actually doing their job on Instagram.

Keep them relevant

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when it comes to creating hashtags. Hashtags can connect you to like-minded users and so the more relevant your hashtags, the higher the chance of engagement with your content. Important things to consider when creating hashtags include using your industry, your product and your target market’s location.

Less is more

Although Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post we believe that this is a bit of an overload and less is more! Adding too many hashtags in the caption of your Instagram post can make your post become too much of a sales pitch which can be very unattractive for online users to engage with. To avoid this and to keep your caption looking as beautiful as your photo we suggest using 2-3 hashtags for your post caption. Do make sure to use a line breaker app to separate your hashtags from your caption. If you have never used a line breaker app before then watch this space for another blog specifically explaining what these are.



Post hashtags in your first comment

In order to keep your post looking great but also be able to fully reap the benefits of engagement from hashtags, the best practice is to post them as the first comment on your post. There are many scheduling apps which can help you do this (eg. Sprout Social). However, it is also possible for you to do manually through Instagram once you have posted your Instagram post. Just simply comment on your post with up to 30 hashtags which are relevant to your brand, product and post. Once users start to comment on the post your comment will no longer be visible when your followers see your post on their feed. It’s a win, win!

Save hashtags to save time

Posting constantly and effectively on each platform can be very time-consuming. In order to ensure you are able to still optimise your potential engagement through hashtags whilst also saving time, make sure to save a list of relevant hashtags. This is doubly useful as the Instagram algorithm is able to recognise what type of account you are if you use the same hashtag over and over. This is important because the algorithm will make your posts discoverable to relevant accounts.

Hide them in your stories

Hashtags are not just for posts as you can, and should, use them in Instagram stories too. Again, hashtags can often ruin the aesthetic of your beautiful Instagram story. One way in order to prevent this is to hide them in your stories. All you have to do is type out your hashtags and then pinch them smaller and smaller until they are no longer visible to the naked eye. Your stories will still appear when people search for the hashtags you have used and you aren’t compromising the look of your photo. Simple right? Stay tuned for our blog post focused on hacks especially for Instagram stories.

Extra Tips!

Lastly, here are a couple of other extra things to remember when getting to grips with hashtags.

  • Spaces and special characters will not work, but numbers will;

  • Capital letters for the hashtags in your caption makes your caption look more professional as well as being easier for people to understand;

  • Get creative! Create unique hashtags for your brand and campaigns. Keep them short and easy to remember so people start associating that hashtag with your brand!

Using Hashtags effectively is one of the best ways to grow your brand on Instagram. What are you waiting for? Get creative and get posting with your new hashtag knowledge. Share any other tips or questions you have about hashtags on our social media channels!

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