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How to Supercharge Your Social Media Content

Updated: Jul 3

It can happen more easily than you realise. You spend weeks crafting and finalising a perfect social media strategy, fine tuning every detail with specific goals and targets in mind, but as time goes on and your to-do list diverts your attention further and further away from your social media platforms, before you’ve had a chance to realise it slipping, your golden strategy has crumbled and your posts have become repetitive and lacking in creativity. It’s this type of monotonous content that can cause followers to disengage faster than you write a witty tweet, and your engagement rates will suffer as a result.

So, how can you get out of your social media rut, and remind your followers why they decided to follow you in the first place? We’ve outlined some easy to execute, instantly rewarding areas for you to focus on which shouldn’t take up too much time, but should ensure you reap the rewards.

Avoid stale content by making the most of what each platform has to offer. With such a saturation of content, users can easily scroll past your brand’s content without giving much thought so you’ll want it to stand out, and reach as many eyeballs as possible. Your story telling should be captivating, but snappy copy and beautiful pictures alone won’t necessarily help you to stand out from the crowd. With large companies investing vast sums in the creation of their content as well as on ad platforms from which to project these from, here are a few (free!) tips and tricks to help:

Hello Hashtags: Hashtags have been around since the dawn of time - well, Twitter - however you’d be surprised at how many brands fail to use them correctly when devising their posts. Hashtags mean that your posts will turn up in various searches, giving you the chance to put your content in front of users who care about your topics. Choosing the right hashtags is key to their success. Go beyond simply tagging #Wine and #Vineyard, and compile a list of relevant hashtags as a go-to reference point whenever you post. As a rule of thumb, you should use up to three hashtags on Facebook and Twitter - so use them wisely - but you are free to add up to 20 on Instagram, given that they are neatly formatted at the end of your copy.

Include Location Tags: You will have noticed when posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, that you are given the option to add a location to your post. This feature is too often overlooked as an unnecessary detail, however, as with hashtags, this feature presents an opportunity to reach far more people and bridge the gap between the physical and social worlds. Whether you’re tagging from your own vineyard or from a tasting event, with posts including a location tag resulting in up to 79% more engagement than those without one, be sure to include them in your upcoming posts.

Embrace Instagram Stories: Instagram has long been the visual platform, perfect for showcasing your curated, beautiful photographs and projecting a glossy, finished vision of your company, however the introduction of Instagram stories has blown this wide open for brands to give back a little bit more to their followers. With 300M users watching stories every day, this is a chance to grab your followers’ attention and encourage them to explore more on your feed. Whether you are posting live videos and photos from a tasting event, or showcasing a day on the vineyard, these clever insights can captivate your audience. Ensure you implement a consistent creative vision with your Stories, using similar fonts, styles and colours to embellish your photos with, and don’t forget to save key moments using the Highlights feature so that your followers don’t miss anything.

Ask And You Shall Receive: From the poll feature found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories, to Instagram Stories’ Q&A feature, there are plenty of ways that you can encourage your followers to engage in your content whilst simultaneously gaining unique insights into your audiences’ preferences. Ask them about their favourite wines, find out if there are any elements of your business that they would like to know more about, and use this information to direct your next round of content.

Show Your Face: Brands are sometimes hesitant to let their digital guard down on social media, choosing to only post stylised photography and video showcasing their products as they would in traditional advertising, but the beauty of social media is that it allows a business to show the people behind the product. Add a human touch to your feeds by sharing photos and videos of your team behind the scenes at work. This is a fantastic way of injecting some variety into your feeds, whilst at the same time eliciting emotional responses from your followers and giving a human face to your brand.

The above features are all easy to execute and are certain to take your content to the next level, helping you to stand out from your competitors and showcase the ins and outs of your business. Not sure where to start? Get in touch and request a personal proposal to see how we can help your business grow today.

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