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Three Wine Brands to Watch on Social Media

Updated: Jul 3

Standing out from the crowd on social media is a challenge that the majority of brands face when putting together their strategies. Large brands with even larger budgets tend to dominate the market when it comes to creating eye catching content and it can seem intimidating for smaller companies to attempt to keep up.

Very often, brands will find their social media channels going a little stale once the excitement of launching their channels has worn off. Planning content calendars can quickly flip from a once exciting task to a daunting one, and before you know it, your brand page is starting to look a tad repetitive. In order to keep your audience engaged, it is key to ensure a regular audit of the content that you are producing, and assess which areas need a face-lift.

Whether you’re looking to add an exciting new dynamic to your pages, or implement a complete social media overhaul, one of the best places to start is to look to your neighbours. Observing the work that your competitors and peers are creating will provide you with a new outlook on your own channels. You may find that many of them are creating content very similar to yours, however if you are noticing a wide gap in either the quality or quantity of your content and theirs, it may be time to change tack seeing as you are looking to attract a similar audience.

We’ve picked out three wine brands who are leading the pack when it comes to producing great social media content that you can look to for a dash of inspiration to give your own channels a boost.


Château Miraval gained instant fame when it was bought by Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie. It’s fair to say that these famous faces have been a huge help in growing the brand’s online following, however it is their stunning content that keeps their followers engaged.

Feeding off of Millennial’s obsession with all things Rosé, this brand knows its market and creates its content with them in mind. Their Instagram feed is filled with aspirational shots of their bottles in paradisaical seaside settings, giving this bottle an instantly iconic status in the social media sphere.

Think about how your brand can use colour and aesthetics to build a recognisable online personality that will encourage drinkers of your wine to share their own photos that you can continue to share.

Jordan Winery

This Sonoma based winery gives a masterclass in storytelling through social media. By giving their followers an insight into every aspect of their business, from the winemaking process to the people behind the brand, it’s not surprising that their Instagram channel has amassed an impressive 33K followers to date.

Jordan Winery’s high quality video production of their series #JordanUncorked, in which team members are filmed tasting various wines and educating their audience in an accessible and characterful manner, is a perfect example of using social media to differentiate yourself from your competitors and keep your audience coming back for more.


Those looking to keep their social media channels in line with a more tradition brand identity can look to Penfolds Wines for inspiration. By weaving creative stop motion videos, cinemagraphs and videos through a range of traditional but refined photography, they are masterful at maintaining their brand’s personality and visual identity whilst telling their story through their social media feeds.

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