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The main service we provide is the full social media management of our clients' channels. This includes the creation of a social media strategy and tone of voice document which will outline a plan of action we'll use in order to achieve our clients' objectives. We will also create content calendars, engage with relevant accounts, take care of your customer service and create reports at the end of the month which will showcase our performance so that you can know exactly how hard your social media is working for your business.


As we understand not every business needs a full social media management service, we also provide bespoke packages including the creation of a social media strategy and tone of voice document, event support, content creation in the form of blogs for your website, influencer marketing, social media advertising and much more.


Below you will find more information about our full social media management service and everything we can do to help your business take your social media presence to the next level.

How does it work?

Check out the video below for a short explanation of how our full social media management service works.


We offer three different service tiers that we've tried and tested over time and deliver measurable results. For larger projects, we offer bespoke packages. Please contact us for a customised proposal according to your needs.


Monthly price

Social networks


£850 *


£1,250 *


£1,750 *


Social media strategy

Copywriting & content calendar

Posts per month

Interaction level


Remote event support

Paid campaign management **

Bespoke engagement list

Specific content per platform

Influencer engagement ***

Community management outside of working hours

* Price excludes Vat and advertising budgets.

** Paid campaign includes Facebook Page Likes Ads and Instagram Boosts, other ads will be charged separately.

*** Influencer engagement includes interaction on social media and working on a gifting basis, larger influencer outreach campaigns will be charged separately.

Please enquire about any bespoke pick-and-mix services according to your needs.

For a complete breakdown of our service tiers visit our website using a computer.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Click the button below and get in touch, our team will be happy to help you.

How we work

Below you will find a step by step guide showcasing how we work on a daily basis with our full social media management service.

Understanding your business goals

The first step of our work is to organise an introductory call in order to learn more about your business, your story and your objectives with social media. This will allow us to work as part of your team.

Social Media Strategy & Tone of Voice

We will create a bespoke social media strategy outlining your objectives and what specific actions we will undertake on your social media channels in order to reach them. It will also contain insightful research of your brand's buying personas, target audience demographics and KPI's. The Tone of Voice document will outline your brand personality and what kind of language we will use to communicate with your audience.

Content Calendar

After the social media strategy and tone of voice document are approved, we will create a bi-monthly content calendar, which will showcase all content to be posted on your social media platforms. This will be approved by you before being posted.

Community Management

Community Management is the core of our work. A speedy customer service is the best way to keep your customers happy and loyal to your brand. Also, an element of our work that sets us apart from many competitors is our interaction levels, proactively engaging with like-minded accounts, through regular manual engagements. This will impact positively on your brand's image and position it as an active and engaged company.


We will extract data monthly from each social platform and look at the metrics to assess how social media activity is performing. Based on this information, we can test and learn what works best, improving upon the results the next month. You will receive a monthly report with this information and a brief description of the month's highlights.

How we communicate

Being based in London places us in a privileged position, allowing us to arrange regular visits to our clients in the UK, Europe and beyond. We believe real-time communication is essential which is why we utilise fast and efficient tools such as WhatsApp Groups and shared drives with our clients, meaning that we can exchange photos and information from events or other occasions in real time, and swiftly deal with questions, bookings, referrals and complaints. We also work with knowledgeable translators should you require dual language captions.



Bespoke Services

We understand that not every business is the same and that's why we provide different services according to your needs. Below you'll find a list of bespoke and one-off services we provide.

Social Media Advertising

Are you struggling to overcome the dreaded algorithm in order to grow your online audience? Look no further. We are experienced in creating effective Ad campaigns across social media, whatever your goals, whatever your budget. Not only will your reach and engagement soar, but we'll provide detailed reports to break down exactly where your money has gone and provide much-needed transparency in the murky world of social media advertising.


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